Find your fashion favorites with our plus-size clothing collection.

plus-size clothing collection

Fashion is all about comfort and we aren’t bound by fashion or trends-we belief in enduring style. Plus size clothing collection from our perfect plus-size Bottoms and Jumpsuits to our Comfy Tops and dresses, we are good in everything we create, exclusive styles that can’t be found at any other plus-size brand. Our edit has just the thing to help you feel your best self. Whatever you’re looking for, browse our plus-size clothing range and get the look you love the most.

We just hope your visit to Bashshop will help you to discover a wardrobe that lets you live your best life. What are we aiming for? The key purpose is to make every woman, especially those with curves, feel super confident and super elegant. And we focus on making clothes which fit and feel you cool and trendy; we know that a real fit is life changing.  

Plus Size Clothing Collection

At Bashshop you will get a variety of plus-size trendy looks like as follows:

Plus-size Bottoms

We have multiple designs of plus-size bottoms right there, sizing as per your needs. These bottoms are worth buying in different styles and colors. Especially, Abstract-Leaf-Print-leggings in a slim fitting style that are still in high demand. Just have a look at this here. (Here- it’s a hyperlink for the page)

Plus-size Dresses

Who doesn’t like the Cape dresses or dot print tiered sleeve dresses at a very reasonable price? These styles are highly recommended that will complement your plus-size body. These dresses are generally longer in size and reach the hip or a longer length downwards. Just have a look at our Sale collection here.

Plus-size Jumpsuits and Rompers

It’s an attractive outfit that’s been so trendy that you can see it everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re going for, a party or a formal dinner. It come in a variety of designs colors and sizes so you can surely find a good match for yourself. We have a wide range of Jumpers and Rompers that are per your need and demand includes Glittered off-shoulder mini dress and Plus-size leopard print zip-up Jumpsuit. Let’s have a look here.

Plus-size Sets

Wearing attire from the dress store brings you closer to your personality and even closer to us. We have different pantsuit sets for women something you always wanted but couldn’t get because of the Plus-size issue but here we keep your personal choices our priority, as there are Camouflage Detailed Jogger Plus-size Set, Off Shoulder Cropped Top and Ruched Leggings Sets, and many more. We have a great selection of pantsuits and set for mothers of the bride, groom or grandmothers or groom and grandmothers. Have a look here.

Plus-size tops

Our edit of women’s plus-size tops has everything you need to update your wardrobe and style. Whether it is for work or play, there are styles to suit every single occasion. From plus-size mini crop tops to mini tops you’ll get all you wish for in different multiple designs and colors for your daily routine look. Also some serious additions to your new season wardrobe with this edit of plus-size tops. Let’s have a quick look here.

Our lovely customers have now availed not our affordable prices but a wide range to choose from.

Best women Clothing store in USA

Best women Clothing store in US

bashShopCo is among the best online clothing stores for women’s clothing. We aim to provide quality products at affordable prices, delivered right to your doorstep. We at bashshopco avail our customers quality products including all the apparels. We also provide accessories like belts, handbags, jewelry, lingerie, scarves, and sunglasses. The best thing is that you can get all your required products in one place.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and high-quality women’s clothing store in the U.S, You are at the absolutely right place. Once you are here and have bought anything, You will not need to go anywhere else. We have done partnerships with a lot of big brands that make it easy for you to have quality products. Our team of market researchers is armed with talent and experience. We get to know about every product’s quality and durability before making it a part of our store.

Why bashshopco is the best online store?

  • bashshopco provides its clients 24/7 customer support with clear and openly described product descriptions. We believe in customer satisfaction.
  • The most important options of an online store like search, compare, and the filter is available. You can find your desired product easily in no time.
  • We provide security from shipment to reaching your product in your hand free of cost.
  • A wide range of women’s fashion-related products is available. You will no need to go anywhere for buying anything. We have almost all the things relating to women’s fashion and clothing.
  • A money-back guarantee for one month is available. If you are not satisfied with any product you can send it back and get all your money safely.
  • Last but not least, We have uploaded high-resolution product images. You will have a very clear idea about the design and color of any product before buying it.

Luxury handbags that every woman should have

Top 5 luxury handbags that every woman should have

As we all know, outfits are incomplete without luxury handbags. They not only add grace to them but also make them extra appealing. But the selection of luxury bags is quite essential because they are not a cheap accessory and can make or break a look. So, the common suggestion is to buy luxury handbags that every woman should have because it will last you for a long time and have fantastic quality. Here we have come with the list of the top 5 luxury handbags that every woman should have.

  1. Kate Spade Leather Bag

Kate Spade leather bags are round and come in different colors. The bags are worth buying in every color because of their style and overall look. That makes them one of the top 5 luxury bags that every woman should have. They look the best with girly dresses and are quite spacious as well. So get yourself one by visiting here.

  • Michael Kors Satchel Bag

Michael Kors satchel bags are a classic. Imagine you are wearing the bag you once saw on a runway model in a Michael Kors show. The feeling is so good, right? So why are you not turning it into a reality? Because let’s be honest, their bags are the best quality ever. And the good thing is now they get along with any outfit that includes jeans. The handbag will make you look like a boss lady and super fashionable.

  • Marc Jacobs Crossbody Leather Bag

Who doesn’t like a Marc Jacobs bag? Their crossbody leather bags have no competition. One they look perfect and make you feel quite relaxed. And the second is their practicality. They are like fanny packs but in a very luxurious and stylish way. To shop Marc Jacobs crossbody leather at an extremely affordable price, click here.

  • MCM Patricia Mini Bag

Mini bags right now are a big fashion trend. If you are wearing some elegant shimmery and dangling piece of clothing and you want to mix a relaxed vibe with it, then MCM Patricia’s mini bag is your answer. The bags are not only cool but also extremely pretty. The only thing is that they are not very practical, but they will make you look fire.

  • Tory Burch Tote Bag

Last on our top 5 luxury handbags list is Tory Burch’s Tote bag that you can find here. Tory Tote bags go with every dress code, and that is so special about them. If you want to keep the vibe a little formal, then carry that bag with you. If you’re going to keep it casual, but you also want to wear your handbag as a statement piece, go for the Tory Tote bag again. You are going to get a lot of use out of that handbag.

Top five Christmas gifts for your loved ones

Top five Christmas gifts for your loved ones

Christmas is incomplete without gifts. Christmas gift for loved ones are hard to choose. Gifts should be chosen wisely for the user so it may take more time searching for the appropriate one. Online shopping is best for saving time and due to stay home initiative around the globe to stop spreading COVID-19. you can buy Top five Christmas gifts for your loved ones from best online shopping store bash Shopco

Electric kettle

Electric kettle is the best pleasant for the person who loves coffee or tea on this Christmas.  It will be useful in daily life for the user in home and as well as in office. High quality electric kettle is available online. You can buy it online from


For your professional colleagues or your siblings watch as a Christmas gift is most suitable and decent item. User can wear in the office or even casually. Water proof watches, efficient and multitasking affordable watches are now in your reach. But it now for special ones.

Apple wireless headphones

Keeping in view the demand of wireless headphones these days, it is one of the gifts which can be presented to anyone and it is quite useful almost for every age group now a days. Apple headphones have superb sound quality.


Choosing a bag as a Christmas gift for you friend or family member is good if you know their choice. You should know their need and their choice such as color and style. Different options are available online from where you can order amazing bags with low price. You can check it from


Perfume is a thoughtful and refreshing gift for the loved ones. Choose the best fragrance on Christmas for close family and friends. Good quality, outclass fragrance and vast variety of amazing perfumes at reasonable budget are available online.

Top 5 baby products that make parenting easy

Top 5 baby products that make parenting easy

A big shout out to all the parents for doing their duty so well. Parenting is a tough job, but it’s even more challenging for new parents because they are unfamiliar with many things. To solve this issue, has come up with the top 5 baby products that will make parenting easy for you.

  • A Pacifier

A pacifier is the first thing you need to have while dealing with newborns. Newborn babies are always hungry and cry a lot. So, in small feeding breaks, you can give your newborn a sucker or a pacifier.

  • Heightened Bath Tub

Bathing newborns is one heck of a task. Parents of the newborn are extra careful because they are afraid of being too harsh on the baby. But heightened bathtubs can solve these problems quickly because then your newborn will be in a comfortable and calmer position.

  • A Feeder Bottles

Feeder bottles are real lifesavers. You need to have more than one feeder bottle for your baby if the other one is dirty. Feeders bottles serve multiple purposes. Make sure you are deep cleaning and sterilizing the feeder bottle because it can affect your baby. For fun and durable feeder, bottles go on

  • High-quality Diapers

Babies go through a process of multiple diapers a day. So, if you are a newborn parent, you must have at least two packages of high-quality disposable diapers. Cheap diapers can cause rashes as the baby’s skin is susceptible.

  • Soft Wipes

Last on our list is baby wipes. Wipes are one of the basic requirements when it comes to baby products. The texture of a good baby wipe is soft, and the wetness level is also right. You will find the best scented and non-scented baby wipes on

Best Fragrances For Men And Women 2020


Discovering the ideal fragrance for men and women doesn’t need to be a big life issue in 2020. Because we are in a digital age, and that transition has happened extremely fast. Anyhow finding the right fragrance can still be slightly challenging because there are so many options online. But you don’t need to worry at all about it now because we have gone an extra mile. And we have come up with our list of the best fragrances for men and women in 2020 for you.

Versace Eros Flame by Versace Eau De Parfum Spray – 1.7 oz for Men

The first on our list is Versace Eros Flame. The fragrance enhances the heat factor and takes the spiciness to another level. The hint of black pepper, rosemary, and vanilla makes men extremely desirable.

4711 Jasmine by 4711 Eau De Cologne Spray (Unisex)

This gorgeous perfume has changed the narrative that only good money can buy the good stuff. 4711 Jasmine is an extremely affordable yet sensational fragrance that both men and women can wear. You can use this subtle and classy jasmine scent to have the most heavenly experience.

Alexandria III by Xerjoff Eau De Parfum Spray – 1.7 oz for Women

The next on our list is Alexandria III, which has base notes of Italian cinnamon delicacy and top notes of lavender. The combination formula is lethal and especially created for all women to enhance the sexy feminine factor.

Voulez-vous coucher avec Moi by Kilian Eau De Parfum Spray -1.7 oz for Women

A woman wearing the elegant and sensual floral scent of Voulez-vous demands attention. The hints of vanilla, cedar, and rose only add to the overall fragrance and makes it perfect to be worn on posh events.

Al Haramain Opulent Saffron by Al Haramain Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex) 3.3 oz for Men

The last on our list is Haramain Opulent Saffron, a delicate cherry blossom top note that makes it wearable by both sexes. And it can be a great valentine or anniversary gift as well.

Here we would like to end our list of the best fragrances for both men and women in 2020. And the good thing is that you can buy all these gorgeous and yummy fragrances on a single platform, i.e., So hurry up and grab your favorite fragrance.